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Bolivia - Inside the Slave Silver Mine at Potosi

Uganda - Village in Southern Uganda


I was born in Canada in 1949 and my father was a Canadian diplomat. His profession allowed me to begin travelling at an early age and to date I have visited over 130 countries, mostly in the third world.

In addition to Costa Rica, where I currently reside, I have lived in Canada, U.S., England, Nigeria, Togo, Kenya, Botswana, Thailand, Indonesia and Belize.

In 1972, I graduated with a B.A. in Sociology (minor Anthropology and History) from Carleton University in Ottawa. My career paths include journalism, travel writer, tour operator, handi-craft importer, music programmer, and night club owner (Bamboo Club, Toronto)

I speak four languages (English, French, Spanish and Indonesian), and have numerous friends and contacts world wide. My interests include history, anthropology, archaeology, wildlife, the environment, and music

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Tanzania - A sudden rain storm approaches the Serengeti Plain .Indonesia -  A funeral in Tanatorajaland, Sulawesi Malaysia (North Borneo) - top of Mount Kinabalu - south east Asia's highest peak (alt. 14,355 ft)