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Madagascar - the train to the coastRough overland travel is my forte. While it can be unpredictable and sometimes a hard slog, these factors make the experience more memorable and fulfilling. In any event, it is your trip and I will customize it to fit your requirements.

Tanzania - a sudden rainstorm approaches the Serengeti PlainIf you have a general area you wish to explore, then I suggest an advance meeting with you or your group so that I can thoroughly explain your options for each particular area and customize the itinerary to suit your needs, interests and expectations. Zaire - Mt. Ruwenzori, Africa's 3rd highest mountain

Malaysia (North Borneo) - on top of Mt. Kinabalu, south east Asia's highest peakFor women wishing to travel with only a guide, this is especially important because each region differs with regard to how women are perceived. In some areas it is almost impossible for a woman to avoid harassment and travel safely without a 'husband'. In most circumstances, a local guide cannot masquerade as a 'husband'. The ability to communicate, and an understanding of different cultures and the way things work in various countries is essential for a safe and enjoyable trip.

Brazil - the Amazon Indonesia - Grave stones at Lake Toba, Sumatra