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- 3rd world destinations offered for escorted travel
- Biography of David W. Bennett

- Photos of Africa
      Sudan | The Wou Express
      Kenya | Sunrise at Lamu Harbour
      Burkina Faso | Mossi Village
      Uganda | Village in Southern Uganda
      Madagascar | Train to the Coast
      Ghana | Downtown Kumasi
      Tanzania | Elephants
      Tanzania | Storm coming
      Tanzania | Masui tribes people

- Photographs of Asia
 Indonesia | funeral

      Indonesia | gravestones
      Malaysia (North Borneo) | Mt. Kinabalu
      Malaysia (North Borneo) | top of Mt. Kinabalu
      Madagascar | Train to the Coast
      Burma | Temples at Sukhothai
      Burma | Pagan
      Philippines | Beach of Borocay
      India | beach at Puri
      India | Calcutta
      Western New Guinea | Tribesman
      Papua, New Guinea | villager with mummified mother

- Photographs of Latin America

      Panama | Portobelo
      Costa Rica | Puerto Viejo
      Bolivia | Lake Titicaca
      Peru | Llamas
      Bolivia | Slave Silver Mine
      Chile | Guanacas in Torres del Paine Park
      Chile | San Pedro in the Atacama Desert
      Bolivia | Mountain Village
      Argentina | The Moreno Glacier
      Brazil - Argentina | Igassu Falls
      Brazil | the Amazon
      French Guiana | St. Laurent prison camp

TOURIST VISA NO. 001   First printed in Lonely Planet, "Africa on a Shoestring"
- IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JURGEN SCHULTZ    First printed in Lonely Planet, "Africa on a Shoestring"
- SLOW TRAIN TO WAU    First printed in Canada Magazine

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